Chromjuwelen Motor Öl Debut At Techno Classica Essen

What an experience. A few days ago we had our Chromjuwelen Motor Öl debut at the famous Techno Classica, the legendary "Klassik Weltmesse" in Essen. And it was AWESOME.

Our big THANK YOU! goes to our friends Michael Schade and Wolfgang Prostka from OETTINGER Sportwagen, with whom we teamed up for our booth. And to Ulla & Mathias Jahn of "FUNC. functional furniture etc" — for sending us their unbelievable furniture. And — of course — to all our friends who visited us.

We had a very entertaining week. But the best thing ever were the confused faces of all those, who thought Chromjuwelen Motor Öl is just another marketing fake.

No. Chromjuwelen Motor Öl is not just another internet hipster gimmick. It's just the best custom tailored motor oil you can get for your classic engine. For all details visit To order your set (15W-40, 20W-50), pay a visit. And if you are a reseller — drop us a line!


Tropfest Australia 2013 Finalist: Cargo

Ok, this is off-topic. But this little Zombie story is deeply moving. If you don't like the undeads, please skip this one. 

"Cargo" is one of the finalists of Tropfest Australia.


Porsche 959: "You Cannot Do It Alone"


Mike Luck: Cityscape

Please enjoy in fullscreen mode. Now, if you'll excuse me, watching the video befuddled me ...


Django Django: WOR

Love it.

Via Hell For Leather.

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