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Depth of Speed: High Mileage



John Jackson (Not Stock Photography) by Josh Clason. Btw, Josh, hasn't that 1964 high mileage Corvair van been blue back in 2010?

Via Hypebeast.


Josh Clason: Wagon Heritage

Beautiful. As always, Josh

Wagon Heritage via Depth of Speed.


Josh Clason: Taking the Plunge

"It is not often that I get to spend so much time with one amazing car. During this trip I have been fortunate enough to spend some time with the new owner of this Skyline, Eric Bauer. Going back to where we left off testing at Miller Motorsports Park, Eric flew to the JDM Legends shop in Salt Lake City and drove his car back to Southern California. This special car couldn't be in better hands. Not only does Eric do 3D modeling for most of the various automakers around the world, he also teaches at the Art Center College of Design and helps prepare the future generations of auto designers. It is nice to know that such a special car has landed in special hands."

Josh Clason via Hypebeast.


Josh Clason: Poetry in Motion

No words needed. Enjoy.

Great you picked this one up, Luke.


Josh Clason: My Church

I just received an email from Josh Clason: "How are things going? It has been a while. You may have seen but we hit the road and now are traveling around. I started releasing Season 02 and thought you might be interested." 

C'mon, Josh. I was hopeful you chucked your work in after finishing Season 01, 'cause your style and skills always let me go green with envy.

Kidding aside, Josh. One word: Awesome.

Allan Anderson via Josh Clason (Depth of Speed).