Volkswagen K 70. Slightly modified.

Some time ago I already ran into this Volkswagen K 70 and shared it on my Tumblr. I haven't got any technical details, but usually a K 70 has a front-mounted watercooled engine, right? Make sure you check out all VW Bug Show (Spa 2010) images over at Ground Speed.

Btw — anybody any info whether the K70 Station is on the street yet? I must admit I like these odd Veedubs ... 

Quentin Dupieux: Rubber

"Rubber is a film about a car tyre. A tyre that rises from the dead and goes on a killing rampage through America. A tyre that is blessed with psychokinetic powers that allows it to explode the heads of any bird, spider, cop or paraplegic that gets in its way." (Via

Quentin Dupieux aka Mr. Oizo presents the killer tire. Wow, that "Rubber Soundtrack Teaser" is for people in an advanced level. Artsy fartsy!