About the company

We’re a 100% virtual company and our mission is to create the most awesome brands.

CONSULTING — Branding & Communication

You can tweet all day long — without a response. And it's easy to spend a ton of money for social media monkeys — without ROI. We have been there. We know the Do's and Don'ts.

We have the digital marketing experience. We have the technical know-how. And we have the right perspective to put it all together.

This is where it all starts. We advise brands in converting a 'passive' brand into an 'active' digital broadcaster.

Most of the time we work in stealth mode: consulting companies, conceptualizing strategies and getting the right people, with the right skills, heading in the right direction.

We can help you with:

  • Brand Building
  • Digital Branding, Brand Communication, Brand Ambassadorship
  • Storytelling, Curation, Trend-Scouting
  • Publishing, Content Strategies, Content Marketing
  • Audience Development, Employer Branding
  • Advertising, Public Relations
  • (Social-) Media Strategies, Blogger Relations, Community Relations, Social Relations

We not only know what to do — we know how to do it.For example, see how we've taken a single concept and created several successful online brands and related products.


PUBLICATIONS — "Life is too short for ugly cars"

We communicate with opinion leaders and multipliers, worldwide. Chromjuwelen.com is for passionate auto lovers, while Motorkultur.com is more mainstream.

But more than that — both portals help us to understand how the publication industry, advertising-/pr-business and broadcaster world changes.

Facts & Figures Chromjuwelen.com:

  • Conception and production of automotive media since 2005
  • Road Movies & Videos
  • More than 100.000 articles, 30.000 photos, 3.000 carefully selected videos 
  • 60 contributing blogs

We get called in to tackle special tasks regarding brand communication, brand ambassadorships, content strategies/marketing, corporate publishing, events, seeding, storytelling, trend-scouting and social relations.


PRODUCTS — Chromjuwelen Motor Öl

After being part of the Classic Car scene since 2005, we always dreamed of our own Chromjuwelen Products. This is our first one.

Aside from our intention to capitalize our brand 'Chromjuwelen' in the non-digital world, Chromjuwelen Motor Öl illustrates pefectly how we think a brand should be built and established.

Chromjuwelen Motor Öl is custom tailored for classic engines operated only a few months per year. Formulated by Mathé® Classic, the oil provides wear and corrosion protection precisely tailored to the needs of historic engines and ensures long-term adhesion to metallic surfaces. This mitigates potential damage that may ensue following long periods of inactivity such as winter storage or museum exhibitions.

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CURATING — Selected Pieces Of Motorkultur

"Ralf is the living spirit of German Motorkultur, the guy who understood what was going on before everyone else did and not only brought it into the public eye, but discovered he was part of it himself." — stated David Traver Adolphus (Hemmings Motor News). Cision.com counted ralfbecker.com into the "Top 10 Automobil Blogs Deutschland".

The blog helps me to spread all the stuff that inspires me. Often artsy, often off-topic.

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