Chromjuwelen En Route for Continental


Helping Continental illustrating their worldwide brand engagements: Baja 300 (Germany), Trophée Andros (France), General Tire Mint 400 (USA), Barum Czech Rally Zlín, SEMA (USA), Land Rover Experience Tour (Bolivia), 24 Stunden Rennen Nürburgring (Germany), Dubai Motor Show (UAE).

March 2012 – "Continental Extreme – Chromjuwelen En Route" [01:10:46]

Production:, Jan Wigger, Dean Malay

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Photo Gallery: Los Angeles, Las Vegas
Photo Gallery: Dubai
Photo Gallery: Continental Extreme Film Premiere


March 2011 – "Chromjuwelen En Route: Road Movie" [44:36]

August 2010 – "Barum Czech Rally Zlìn" [03:42]

April 2010 – "General Tire Mint 400"

Production:, Jan Wigger (Camera), Dennis Petermann (

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Photo Gallery: Cell Phone Pictures
Photo Gallery: Mint 400 – Chromjuwelen Edition
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