Josh Clason: Back To Life (Der Zombie Hase)

Of course I know there is a huge Veedub scene in the US. But I think I have never seen an American gearhead wearing a German Soccer tricot — in this case FC Bayern München — before. Weird. 

Oh wait — when we've been in Nevada for the General Tire Mint 400, I ran into a guy who was wearing a FC St Pauli t-shirt — Klaus Rasch

Josh, beautiful as ever. Thanks for keeping me informed!

Gearmafia: 1974 Toyota Celica TA22, DMC DeLorean, Porsche, Beetle, Kombi

It is reassuring to see that there are more and more producers who are investing rather in story telling and quality – instead of dubstep tunes. Don't get me wrong – I like dubstep. But imho there are way too much videos out which have been razor-sharp cutted on bass lines or and reverberant drum patterns ... 

Gearmafia #1: "It's all about soul" – 1974 Toyota Celica TA22

Gearmafia #2: DMC DeLorean

Gearmafia #3: "History is a bit heavy" – Hai, owner of Kombi Rocks Cafe (Kombi Rocks Facebook) about passion and the restoration of vintage cars.

"GEARMAFIA – a collaboration with Burnpavement – features unique rides, heavily modified exotic cars, Japanese makes and their owners. Conceptualised and scripted by the team in CRITICA, we dig into the passion that goes behind these rides."